Join me for a walk through the woods, beside a quiet stream, and stand with me on a bluff, wind in our faces, the surf crashing on the rocks below. Come! Let us search for common ground through the process of defining our terms, revealing our biases (unique perspective) of the world that shapes us and is in turn shaped by us and all the living and non-living processes near and far.


Over the next few months and years, I will be adding and refining the materials contained in these pages. I believe in "Process". Whenever possible I will conserve older pages and thoughts so that my/our growth and decline may be revealed, that we may learn and refine our understanding and application of process and stewardship.


The materials themselves are presented for your review and to illuminate my process and development as a steward of the environment, how you choose to apply the resources is part of your process and discovery. I wish you well in your journey. If you wish to share your insights and developmental process with me and in so doing, contribute to the thoughts contained here, please write them down and respond to our surveys when posted. Thanks!


Yes! I like snail mail. And find that there is a slightly higher probability that you will present your best thinking, particularly if you hand write your thoughts. Yes! The materials and thoughts I am presenting here have their origins on college ruled paper adorned/ornamented with thoughts and notes in a variety of colored inks. Luxuriate in the birth of your ideas on paper. I look forward to reading them.

Simple Beginnings An Introduction

Intended Structure Or Table of Contents
Current Thoughts "A pebble dropped in the pond"
Stewardship and the Gardener -
Thoughts on the Human Condition - E-Stewardship our daily choices


Glossary of Terms
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Electronic Resources
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